Search Engine News- PPC’s on the Move


Search Engine News- PPC's on the Move

With all of the rumors going around about Yahoo! possibly buying out Overture and MSN targeting FindWhat or Kanoodle paid search listings, ValueClick just

Searching for Synergy: How to win at SEO & PPC in 2021 (and beyond) | The Retail Reset

Join us on April 29th at 11am as our Marketing Director Martin Corcoran leads our Search Synergy webinar where we will be discussing SEO & PPC synergy with our experts to find out how you should be using these channels together to get the most out of them.

Joined by Summit’s own Rachel Williams, Client Director, and Carl MacDonald, Content Marketing Strategist, we will look at the state of play in the search landscape and how you need to understand cross channel customer behaviour to benefit across it all. Then we’ll focus on how you can drive strategic and tactical efficiencies when you have one agency driving these channels. Finally we will discover how you can maximise growth and opportunities when looking at these channels together. So don’t miss out!

Our first guest speaker is Laurence O’Toole, CEO of Authoritas. He is an entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in consumer and B2B internet product development, sales and marketing. His experience includes spells in corporate life with Fujitsu & Thomson Directories and in the last couple of years his own boot-strapped ventures. Along the way, he’s built a successful online directory and PPC platform for SMEs, successfully partnering with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. He’s developed downloadable golf lessons with famous golf coaches and built an advertising funded golf community (not his best idea!). His current venture Authoritas is a big data science-driven SaaS platform for Content Marketing and SEO Professionals worldwide.

We will then be joined by Evie Brockwell, Senior Product Manager at, where she has worked for the last 4 years. Evie leads the Book Path product group and specialises in optimising for CRO and SEO. She has spent the last few years understanding how to create an ideal customer journey, from the initial research phase to finding and booking the perfect trip. Evie has plenty of words of wisdom on how to optimise your website to have a positive impact on marketing performance.

3 SEO Techniques – How You Can Improve Your Google Search Engine Rankings

Discover 3 SEO Techniques for 2019 to improve rankings. Our Search Engine Optimization Techniques and Strategies are relevant and will give you long-term results. Instead of trying old techniques and methods, make sure you are using the best possible ideas to improve your Bing and Google search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization has changed drastically over the years and you need to be using the latest SEO techniques to rank over your competitors. There are thousands of ideas you can employ, but these are the three things I do most often and they help me improve my google search engine rankings. We take you through our SEO techniques step by step so that you can understand them even if you are a beginner.

3 Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1 – Find relevant keywords using SEO keyword research and create content around those keywords

The most important thing you can do is consistently create content that solves problems for your visitors. When you are creating new blog posts, videos, and podcasts consistently, you will improve your Google search engine rankings because it’s the best long-term technique and it will never go out of style.

The websites that rank the most are the ones that use keyword research to find the best keywords for their business and the ones that create great content around those keywords. This method is time-consuming and that’s exactly why it works. You can no longer just put up short blog posts, you need in depth content that helps people.

2 – Improve and Optimize your existing content

Let’s say you have a year old blog posts about SEO techniques, you need to update it to keep your rankings. Not only do you want to update the words, videos, images, audio, and other visuals, you want to update the date. That way you can tell Google that your blog post is very relevant and even though it was published a year ago, the updated date shows that everything on the page is brand new.

3 – Use Google Search Console to improve pages that rank and to find new keywords you can optimize and improve your rankings for.

Google search console will give you so much insight for how your website is performing in search engines. You absolutely want to use it to find new keywords and find pages that need some improvement and optimization.

More About SEO Techniques For 2018 & 2019

Link Building Strategies:

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial:

How To Come Up With Website Content Ideas:

Hubspot How to Start a Blog:

There are plenty of effective SEO techniques in addition to the ones we show here. You might want to improve your website speed because Google favors faster and more user-friendly websites. You want to add Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your website. You want to create a YouTube channel and other social media channels that you can use to promote your content. That will help you gain more social shares and backlinks as people can find your content easier.

One effective SEO technique is to improve your overall engagement on your website. If you are seeing high bounce rates and people are not engaging long on your website, you want to add more content and user-friendly features to keep people on your website longer.

Building backlinks has long been an effective SEO strategy that you can use, but you want to build them naturally over time and earn them with great content, rather than going out to get them.

Google Ranking Update, Twitter Nofollows, More On Links, Google Features Come & Go and PPC News

This week, I published the monthly Google webmaster report – a great place to catch up on the Google news. Google may have done another algorithm update on July 5th and July 7th. Google created its own landing page for its algorithm update timeline. Google said course rich results require three courses to be eligible. Google said it is safe to delete your disavow file if you had no prior history. Google said the follow to nofollow ratio does not impact your rankings. Twitter added back the nofollow attribute to its links. Google Search Console’s link report seems to keep dropping links. Google Search Console Insights now supports GA4. Google removed the interesting finds search results feature. Google is testing things to do in an overlay format. Google is testing highly rated by users in search results. Google Merchant Center added auto-tagging for all free listings across all Google experiences. Google released version 2.1 of Google Ads Editor with a new overview page design. Google improved the Google Adcs location targeting options. Microsoft Advertising added automatic updates for Shopping Campaigns, auto-generated Remarketing Lists, more eligible UET tags migrating to the Microsoft Clarity insights experience, Customer match expanded to new markets and more. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:48 – July 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
2:22 – Google Search Ranking Update Volatility July 5th & July 7th :
3:06 – Google Creates A Landing Page With Major Ranking Updates Timeline :
3:50 – PSA: Google Course Rich Results Require At Least Three Courses :
4:06 – Google: It’s Safe To Delete Your Disavow Link File If No Manual Actions Or History Of Link Schemes :
4:34 – Google: Ratio Of Follow To Nofollow Links Never Causes SEO Issues :
4:53 – Twitter Adds Back Nofollow Attributes To Links :
5:05 – Google Search Console Link Counts Keep Falling A Lot :
5:51 – Google Search Console Insights Finally Supports Google Analytics 4 :
6:46 – Google’s Interesting Finds SERP Feature Goes Missing From The Search Results – Maybe It Wasn’t Interesting To Users Anymore :
7:12 – Google Tests Things To Do Overlay Over Search Results :
7:22 – Google Highly Rated By Users Search Carousel :
7:40 – Google Merchant Center Adds Auto-Tagging For All Free Listings Across All Of Google :
8:03 – Google Ad Editor Version 2.1 With Overview Page Design :
8:49 – Google Ads Diagnostic Insights Now On Overview Page :
9:14 – New Improved Google Ads Location Targeting Options :
9:51 – Microsoft Advertiser Gains Automatic Updates For Shopping Campaigns, Auto-Generated Remarketing Lists & More :
10:27 – Conclusion

Every SEO Tool is WRONG – BREAKING NEWS on Amazon Search Engine Optimization with Steven Pope

In the most important discovery since Steven Pope proved A+ Content indexes on Amazon, My Amazon Guy is yet again at the forefront for industry best practices.


Many Amazon SEO tools are incorrectly counting spaces against your character counts for the search terms field on Seller Central. My favorite 2 keyword tools Helium 10 & ZonGuru and many other tools are counting spaces towards your 250 character count.

Why does this matter? Because that’s 30-45 extra bytes, 5-10 extra key phrases you can add to your search terms field that the tools are telling you that you don’t have room for.

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00:00 BREAKING NEWS on Amazon Search Engine Optimization
09:49 Every SEO Tool is WRONG
11:24 SEO tools are counting characters instead of bytes
16:13 Should you include commas in your search term field
17:31 Spaces and commas don’t count
19:16 Amazon help file
24:05 Would it be better to run vouchers instead of PPC? How does it compare in terms of boosting rank
24:43 I’m trying to do a daily/weekly/monthly P and L report for each of my SKUs
25:11 My TACOS are in the mid-30s range still 3mos after my multi-ASIN brand launch, how do I drive it down
27:20 ASIN REVIEW: B09H3QW364
29:42 How do you continue to expand your KW and competitive SKU PPC target list weekly
31:02 Do you maintain using fixed bids after launch, or do you eventually switch to dynamic down
31:43 How do you adjust bids for KWs w/ super low impression
32:51 Can we write another language in the A+ like if my customers are Korean in the USA
33:28 If I put a quote from the Bible in A+ content, is that allowed
35:24 What’s considered to be the average return rate
35:52 What’s a healthy operation expense margin for AMZ FBA
37:42 What new PPC strategies are you doing this 2022
39:32 Our grocery items are getting gated under baby food and dietary supplement
42:01 Once we chose the working KWs and ASINs from auto campaigns and create new manual ones based on the auto campaign results, why did auto campaigns start performing badly
43:23 I have a seller that wants to sell a brand but can’t get authorization from AMZ even though they have sent invoices that show they are buying products directly from that brand
44:08 What are your thoughts on some PPC tools like INtentwise, Perpetua, Kenshoo,and Pacvue
45:07 If I sell a product that is a top seller on Home Depot and Lowes can we use graphics of those stores in our A+ content
45:41 What’s a healthy ratio of PPC organic sales
46:34 Is AMZ manipulating suggested bids to make us spend more
47:25 Why do you only recommend using exact and broad match in launching, not phrase
47:50 I’m changing ownership on my AMZ brand to my LLC, anything I should look out for
48:18 What is the average monthly spend of the accounts you consider as Big accounts
49:11 Listing was taken down for a month, should I go launch mode again for that product to rank better
49:41 My yearly sales is 70K w/ 7k AMZ is asking for insurance w/c costs around 2k.
52:36 I checked in late, my new/same product coming in is less weight than the previous
53:52 Do you recommend returnless refund for products under $12
55:14 When making a new brand before you know your products, would that be a problem since they ask for the category
55:39 When transferring ASINs from category to PAT campaigns, do you negate the ASIN in the category campaign
55:54 My main cash cow ASIN has been out of stock for 6 weeks because of UPS not collecting it at the port
1:01:45 After listing in CA and MX, I’m getting H10 alerts every couple of days for minor price changes
1:03:09 I see people selling FBM items for as low as $3.99 w/ free shipping. I believe AMZ requires trackable shipping
1:04:16 Does a China-based FF have any control over how long it takes UPS to collect goods at the Cali port
1:05:29 I’m having trouble getting AMZ to take all of my updates from a flat file upload
1:07:01 You said during product launch to have your PPC be fixed bids
1:07:39 Have you ever seen FB custom audiences work for low-cost items
1:08:47 What do you do when a customer asks for an invoice when using NARF
1:10:35 What is your order of operation when using a flat file update to do an overhaul for a listing
1:13:18 ​I have hijackers in Canada, how can I remove them. I don’t have a CA address
1:15:23 Eventually I want to pivot my business by getting my goods made elsewhere other than China
1:20:11 ​Can we apply for A+ content if our trademark application is in pending status in the UK
1:20:23 How can I source from somewhere else other than Alibaba
1:20:44 AMZ shows the option of pending when we go to the brand registry site
1:20:56 Any suggestions for how should we design the Title and bullet points of a listing for AMZ SEO
1:21:18 Can we apply for A+ content if our trademark application is in pending status in the UK